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João Tostes | Ukulele without borders

Toca Ukulele

Toca Ukulele is the project where João Tostes publish his ukulele related materials. In Portuguese, there are more than 300 videos in the youtube channel. The English one is starting to grow, come to be part of this community!
No release yet.

João Tostes' videos

Some videos of João Tostes playing the ukulele. Click here to watch more.
João Tostes - Ukulele - Maria Madalena - Instrumental - Clipe - Official video

João Tostes – Maria Madalena

João Tostes & Vinícius Vivas - Ukulele - Brasileirinho - Ao vivo - Live - Korea - Coreia

João Tostes – Brasileirinho (South Korea)


João Tostes – Sons de carrilhões (Ukulele barítono)


João Tostes – Lamentos

Eu fiquei besta e perdi até a voz com essa bizarrice. Esse fedelho precisa responder por isso. https://t.co/rxAG0PSYAQ
about 2 weeks ago | @joaotostes

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